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Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Akhirnya Akhirnya *akhirnya*
Bagus Bagus *bagus*
Belajar Belajar *belajar*
Benci Benci *benci*
Berdarah Berdarah *berdarah*
Bergaya Bergaya *bergaya*
Berkeringat Berkeringat *berkeringat*
Bingung Bingung *bingung*
Bohong Bohong *bohong*
Cinta Cinta *cinta*
Depresi 1 Depresi 1 *depresi1*
Depresi 2 Depresi 2 *depresi2*
Dingin Dingin *dingin*
Halo Halo *halo*
Hore Hore *hore*
Huh Huh *huh*
Interupsi Interupsi *interupsi*
Jail Jail *jail*
Kacau Kacau *kacau*
Kaget 1 Kaget 1 *kaget1*
Kaget 2 Kaget 2 *kaget2*
Kaget 3 Kaget 3 *kaget3*
Kaget 4 Kaget 4 *kaget4*
Kagum Kagum *kagum*
Kalah Kalah *kalah*
Kepanasan Kepanasan *kepanasan*
Keren 1 Keren 1 *keren1*
Keren 2 Keren 2 *keren2*
Keren 3 Keren 3 *keren3*
Kerja Kerja *kerja*
Kesepian Kesepian *kesepian*
Ketawa 1 Ketawa 1 *ketawa1*
Ketawa 2 Ketawa 2 *ketawa2*
Ketawa 3 Ketawa 3 *ketawa3*
Ketawa 4 Ketawa 4 *ketawa4*
Lari Lari *lari*
Malu 1 Malu 1 *malu1*
Malu 2 Malu 2 *malu2*
Mati Mati *mati*
Menunjuk Menunjuk *menunjuk*
Merana Merana *merana*
Merokok 1 Merokok 1 *merokok1*
Merokok 2 Merokok 2 *merokok2*
Mimisan Mimisan *mimisan*
Minta Minta *minta*
Muntah Muntah *muntah*
Nangis 1 Nangis 1 *nangis1*
Nangis 2 Nangis 2 *nangis2*
Nangis 3 Nangis 3 *nangis3*
Nangis 4 Nangis 4 *nangis4*
Ngupil Ngupil *ngupil*
Pahlawan Pahlawan *pahlawan*
Peace Peace *peace*
Pendekar Pendekar *pendekar*
Peringatan Peringatan *peringatan*
Pret Pret *pret*
Pusing Pusing *pusing*
Sakit Sakit *sakit*
Santai Santai *santai*
Sayonara Sayonara *sayonara*
Senang Senang *senang*
Sepeda Sepeda *sepeda*
Stres Stres *stres*
Takut Takut *takut*
Telinga Telinga *telinga*
Tendang Tendang *tendang*
Tidak Tidak *tidak*
Tinju Tinju *tinju*
Tunggu Tunggu *tunggu*
Wow 1 Wow 1 *wow1*
Wow 2 Wow 2 *wow2*
Wow 3 Wow 3 *wow3*
Bad Luck Bad Luck *badluck*
Booger Booger *booger*
Boohoo Boohoo *boohoo*
Boring Boring *boring*
Bye Bye *bye*
Calm Down Calm Down *calmdown*
Dance with Me Dance with Me *dancewithme*
Dancing Dancing *dancing*
Dead Dead *dead*
Dizzy Dizzy *dizzy*
Drama Drama *drama*
Dunno Dunno *dunno*
Exorcist Exorcist *exorcist*
Floating Floating *floating*
Flying Flying *flying*
Get Out Crazy Get Out Crazy *getoutcrazy*
Happiness Happiness *happiness*
Happy Dancing Happy Dancing *happydancing*
Hate Hate *hate*
Head Head *head*
Help Help *help*
Hurt Myself Hurt Myself *hurtmyself*
Looser Looser *looser*
Magic Left Magic Left *magicleft*
Magic Right Magic Right *magicright*
Music Music *music*
On Jail On Jail *onjail*
Patpat Dance Patpat Dance *patpatdance*
Pheew Pheew *pheew*
Poking Poking *poking*
Smooth Smooth *smooth*
Taichi Taichi *taichi*
What What *what*
Yesss Yesss *yess*
Yipee Yipee *yipee*